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Monday, January 10, 2011

First Refashion Part 1

Mr Tanishi and Spoffoth are in a bridal party this weekend. What with suit hire, bucks nights, accommodation, presents, new clothes etc we are up for a small fortune. I'm doing my bit for the household economy/global warming/world peace by taking this skirt from the Op Shop ($6) and remodelling it into a shorter skirt, with a singlet and bolero from the bottom half.

Zeus - the cat- is not part of the refashion, but somedays he walks the fine line between beloved family pet and a (fluffly, white) new handbag for me.

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  1. Ohayoo Tanishi san! I never knew you lived in Japan - I look forward to lots more nuggets of wonder in your blog xo (P.s. I'm your number one fan - actually follower - and not in a creepy way;)


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