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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cut off their heads!

With the relaxation of water restrictions I decided to plant a small vegie garden this year. I must say, it is a raging success. We've had pak choy, tonnes of rocket, cos and butter lettuce leaves, and spinach. We're still waiting on tomatoes, although there is some fungal death creeping through all the tomato plants. Our popcorn corn, which really does make pop corn once dried and heated, is finally 'ear'-ing up.

The surprise success story though has been broccoli. We have been waiting, watching for a week now, poised to harvest our broccoli. Finally tonight was the night, where we cut off the first head, a massive beastie about the size of a canteloupe.


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  1. Oh YUM! Love when you can eat straight from your garden...Looks like I'm stalker #2 ;)


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