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Friday, February 18, 2011

Don't forget me when you're gone

Gone, Part 1

So, that's one embryo off to School. I celebrated by getting quite tanked with a couple of new friends, also celebrating their embryos' first days of primary education.

After two weeks of school, trying to drag out of firstborn what he actually did during the day is not yielding much information.

"I looked for fossils in rocks at lunchtime with X and Y."

"We did colouring."

"Z is a naughty boy coz he never does what the teacher says."
"M wet her pants."

Which is all fascinating and I enjoy listening too, however I need FACTS. DETAILS. Like:

"Today, mother, I learnt the past participle of be."

"Oh it was hilarious when Persephone and Phillip couldn't determine the hypoteneuse - they didn't know Pythagoras' theorem."

Gone, Part 2

I have actually managed to latch onto a few people in Ballarat that for some silly reason like to be my friend. Unfortunately in the space of two years I have also managed to latch on to an equal number of people that have moved away or for other reasons are no longer with us. Found out that another one is moving away, taking with her my second embryo's BFF and a good friend of the first embryo.

Claire, Bex, Nik, Katrina - gone but not forgotten.

If anyone else that I now know in this town decides to move, I forbid it. There will be consequences. And tears. BOY there will be tears.

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  1. My fifteen year old self would be screaming to hear me say this, but I'm not leaving Ballarat EVER again :)
    And I too struggle to get any information
    Q. "What did you have for lunch at childcare today?"
    A. "Cat"


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