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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

In the end, there was a beginning

In 2002 I joined Blogger to journal my life in Japan. I was tanishi, or pond snail, named after my faithful aquarium pets. Eventually I bought my own domain (, transferred my blog there, and had a fantastic time in Japan and a fantastic time documenting my fantastic time.

Then, through the transition back to Australia and my experience of pregnancy and parenthood, morphed into something more. It was a record of my time paralysed by mental illness, my time in the dead zone. It remembered significant events, first moments, when my overwhelmed brain could not. As I got better, my blogging ebbed. I didn't need the daily catharsis that blogging provided.

Finally, in 2009 my blog, and my domain, disappeared. I was finally ready to let all that despair go. I do have downloads of all my posts; I was going to edit them into a book for my son...but like any child wants to read that kind of crap from their mother. 

So now, I'm back. Although I'm having trouble determining what blogging sub-culture best suits me. A rollerderby-craft-parenting-travelling-fishouttawater mashup?

It could work.

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